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"Taking Care of Business"

Small Business is the heart and soul of our community.

Your free Taking Care of Business Program membership will give your business team access to valuable online workshops, business advisory services and will support you through the application process for the RRRF!

Get "Taking Care of Business" today, with your free membership!

About the Program  

Taking Care of Business - A Community Futures Program, provides valuable workshops and one-on-one support for businesses in the participating Community Futures regions throughout Northern BC.


Get Taking Care of Business with your FREE membership!

Your business team will have access to sponsored online workshops, webinars and professional business support. 

*Learn about the Gold Leaf and Red Leaf Memberships here! 


How it works...

Become a Member - Your business Membership Number provides you and your team with access to many benefits that will help your business grow including online workshops and webinars under the "What's On Now" tab below. Learn skills to grow your business with valuable, relevant webinars already planned and sponsored for our members! 


 Specific Training

The Specific Training portion of the program is fully subscribed. 

The Taking Care of Business Program has supported 144 local businesses (totaling approximately $700,000.00) within the participating regions through Specific Training.  


What's on Now!
Check out the list of online workshops & webinars ready to go! FREE for members including owners, managers and employees.

Not Sure Where to Start?
You have access to professional advisors right in your own community!

Join the two-day virtual conference for businesses that are looking to move forward and grow stronger!

Reviews & More
We are proud to announce that 144 businesses have benefited from the Specific Training portion of the program.

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