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Peer Mentoring ~ Tourism Talk

Why Peer Mentoring?

          Connect business owners to survive, thrive and grow by sharing and learning in problem solving conversations.

Join in the facilitated Tourism Talk! Over the 12 sessions of the program, you will participate in problem solving conversations with your peers within the tourism industry across BC.

Make connections, find solutions, discover resources, and develop a support system with like-minded entrepreneurs that can last a life time!

Intake deadline for Tourism Talk is February 6th – secure your spot today!

Need help? Follow the step-by-step guide to complete the intake form in just a few minutes!

Want to know more about the Peer Mentoring Tourism Talk and what you can expect? Watch the video here! (11 min)



Bill Quinn will facilitate problem solving conversations to help you grow your business, make connections and develop a support system with like-minded entrepreneurs in the tourism industry throughout BC.   

How to join:

1. Log in as a member.

2. Complete an intake form.

3. The intake form will be reviewed by the facilitator, Bill Quinn. 

4. Bill will connect with you for a short interview. This interview will provide information to ensure your business is placed in a Peer Mentoring group that will meet your needs.

What is the cost?

You may be eligible for sponsorship/funding. 

 For non-funded businesses, there is a one time fee of $675


Top 5 Reasons to join the Peer Mentoring Program

1. Tried and True Answers - this is an opportunity to ask questions and get answers with tried-and-true strategies and tactics from those that have been there and done that. 

2. Grow your Network - You will be connecting with business owners throughout Northern BC.  You will make connections and have the opportunity to grow your network for years to come.

3. Referrals & Connections - As mentioned above, you will grow your network, with these new connections the opportunity is there to increase referrals and grow your customer reach. 

4. Support System - the Peer Mentoring program will facilitate the development of a strong support system for you and your business.

5. Strong Connections - Your connections do not have to end with the program. You can continue to develop and maintain your newfound support system long after the formal program ends. 


If you have any questions, please connect with Bill at 250-981-3739 or email at nustride@telus.net. 

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