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 Business Continuity



Prepare Your Business for Anything

Emergencies and disasters are unavoidable, and they’re happening more and more. And it’s impossible to predict when or what will happen.

But it is entirely possible for you to take steps to reduce those negative impacts. The best time to strategize is when you’re not in an emergency situation.

We’ve been busy developing a new online tool for business owners and entrepreneurs! This step-by-step tool creates a personalized plan to prepare for and respond to unexpected disruptions like wildfires, floods, and pandemics.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

It's free!  We believe that all of the information and resources we've compiled into the Business Continuity Planning tool is invaluable to all businesses and we want to make it easy as possible for anyone to access. 

Is this tool for me? 

If you are a business owner, yes it is! This tool is built for businesses of any size in any industry. 

How can this tool help me? 

The BCP will help you identify possible hazards for your business, your core functions/assets, and what the impact would be if your business operations are disrupted.

How do I access the tool? 

You can access the BCP anywhere you have wifi! Visit cfbcp.ca to create an account. 


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