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Digital Marketing 101

September 21- 24 & September 28-October1

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Elizabeth Ross
elizabeth@cfquesnel . com

Where: On Line   335A Vaughan Street   Quesnel

Event Description:

 Digital Marketing 101

Are you wanting to step it up with Digital Marketing?

Join us for the 8 part webinar series “Digital Marketing 101” where you will learn marketing strategies and tools to help you grow your business, find your target audience and increase customer engagement.

September 21-24 & September 28-October 1

Each day we will discuss a different topic and explore strategies and tools, how they align with your marketing plans and where they fit in the buyers journey. 

Our days will begin at 9am on zoom and end after the question and answer period. 

Businesses are eligible for one on one coaching sessions - by appointment only.

Sept 21 - Digital Marketing Introduction (2.5hrs)

  • inbound vs outbound
  • three media channels
  • stages of the buyers journey
  • topical vs evergreen
  • content creation and curation 

Sept 22 - Personas (2hrs)

  • audience listening
  • building personas

Sept 23 - Goals & Planning (2hrs)

  • SMART goals
  • five SMM platforms
  • content calendars and plans

Sept 24 - SEO (2hrs)

  • how it works
  • keywords
  • SERP
  • SEO vs Paid

Sept 28 - Social Media Marketing - Facebook (3hrs)

  • Business Page set up and maintenance
  • Spreading the word
  • Types of posts and when to use them
  • Walk through of ad and campaign building
  • 'How to' requests from you

Sept 29 - Email Marketing (1.5hrs)

  • Etiquette and best practices
  • KPIs 
  • Set up mail chimp account

Sept 30 - Google Analytics (1.5hrs)

  • User settings
  • What it all means
  • How it benefits you

Oct 1 - Video & Podcasts (1.5hrs)

  • Tips and Best practices
  • Adding captioning 
  • Where and when they are most effective

Limited seating - Register today! 

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Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business

Sponsored by the Wildfire Business Transition Program

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