Planning YOUR Future & Managing Change (7-part series)

January 12 - February 23

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Kathie Vilkas
kathie@cfdccariboo . com

Planning YOUR Future & Managing Change


Join John Singleton for a very important and timely 7-week webinar series

that will help you plan YOUR 2021 and ensure your success!


January 12    'The HOW and WHY of SWOT'. Review strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your business.

January 19    'Building the Wall'. Brainstorm your future ideas, plans, wishes, dreams. Get them onto paper.

January 26    'Sorting The Wall'. Organize 'your wall' to provide a clearer view of your future.

February 2     'Implementation & Follow-up'. Ensuring your success.

Now you have YOUR plan for 2021. You know what your future could look like. Now What?

The next 3 weeks will build on your plan. How to manage the change(s) you may face during the implementation of your plan!


February 9    'Changes in Priority'. First things first! 

February 16   'Challenges'? Consider potential challenges before they occur and ways to overcome them.

February 23   'Staying on Track'. Ensure accountability to move toward success!


  As always, one-on-one coaching sessions available ... private & confidential! 


Register today. Limited spaces available.

























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