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Digital Marketing 101

Self-Paced beginning Sept 20th

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Elizabeth Ross
elizabeth @ cfquesnel  . com

 Digital Marketing 101

Are you wanting to step it up with Digital Marketing? 

This 8 part series walks you through an introduction of digital marketing channels, strategies and tools to help you grow your business and your online presence. Complete the course at your own pace, with full access to all content, resources and tools beginning September 20th. You can also book one on one coaching sessions with CF's own Elizabeth (instructor) to walk-through tools and platforms, review course material or for assistance in developing your marketing plan.  Once registered, you will be added to the course via TEAMS which will give you access to Elizabeth to ask questions and get answers as you work your way through the course. 

FULL access beginning September 20th



Topic 1 - Digital Marketing Introduction

Review marketing basics and learn the behind the scenes of inbound and outbound marketing techniques including: 

  • inbound vs outbound
  • media channels
  • stages of the buyers journey
  • topical vs evergreen
  • content creation and curation

Topic 2 - Brand, Story Telling & Personas 

Explore the importance and effects of telling your story to reach your ideal customers.  Learn about the:

  • three whys
  • audience listening
  • building personas

Topic 3 - Goals & Planning

You must know what you want to accomplish in order to know where and how to start.  Today we explore: 

  • SMART goals
  • five social media marketing platforms
  • content calendars
  • campaign schedules

Topic 4 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increasing your online presence isn't just about buying ads.  You must have a strong presence to get to the top of the search engine page.  SEO will help you get there.  We will discuss:

  • how it works
  • keywords
  • search engine results page
  • SEO vs Paid
  • tools to increase your SEO score

Topic 5 - Social Media - Facebook

Social is powerful, are you using it most effectively?  Today we will walkthrough: 

  • business page set up, maintenance and optimization
  • spreading the word
  • many types of posts
  • boost vs campaign
  • "how to" requests from you!

Topic 6 - Email Marketing 

One of the most effective strategies is email.  We will learn: 

  • laws and regulations 
  • etiquette and best practices
  • key performance indicators
  • create a campaign through Mailchimp

 Topic 7 Google Analytics

Analytics are a fabulous tool to help you see where your marketing efforts are working.... change is on it's way with the removal of 'third party cookies'.   Find out:

  • what it all means 
  • user settings
  • how it will benefit you
  • how the changes will affect you

Topic 8 - Video & Podcasts

Two very effective and creative tools to add to your marketing plan.  Today we: 

  • review best practices
  • discuss where and when they are most effective
  • walkthrough of adding captioning to video


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